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  • August 9, 2012 10:42 am

    Ideas from Massimo Osti.


    Technical clothing and high spec functional outerwear in particular, appears to be going through somewhat of a renaissance right now. Whether this is due to a backlash against the ‘heritage’ styles that seem to have swamped both the high street and the boutiques, a change in fashion or a combination of the two, there is little doubt that proper technical jackets are returning to the fore once again.

    One man who has perhaps contributed more to this style than any other designer is the legendary Massimo Osti. The late Italian - most notably through his work with C.P. Company and Stone Island – helped to revolutionise men’s style forever. Through a combination of his own innovative ideas and ideas gained through almost endless research into military clothing and workwear, Osti implemented techniques and materials into sportswear that had never been seen before.

    Ideas from Massimo Osti is a celebration of the man’s work and lasting influence on the industry. The 412-page book is written and edited by Osti’s wife Daniela Facchinato and includes over 500 images (many of which have never been published before). Insight into Osti’s legacy is provided not only by close collaborators but also by other hugely respected figures including Paul Smith and Paolo Zegna.

    The book is available in both a Trade Edition and a Limited Edition. Both are available for purchase from the Ideas from Massimo Osti website.

  • February 23, 2012 11:49 am

    Batten Sportswear.


    Having worked under Daiki Suzuki at Woolrich Woolen Mills for four years, Shinya Hasegawa’s first label, Batten Sportswear, is that rarity – a genuinely exciting new clothing label. Drawing inspiration from his time under Suzuki, as well as vintage outdoor schmutter and the Californian surfing culture of the late sixties and early seventies, Hasegawa’s debut Batten Sportswear collection features some really great stuff. The highlight for us at Transmission is the Travel Shell Parka (pictured) in a really ace shade of blue as well as the Packable Anorak Smock.

    This is a very promising first collection indeed, and can now be purchased from Oi Polloi. One to keep an eye on, we think.

  • October 5, 2011 3:05 pm

    Norse Projects Winter Lookbook.


    Regular readers will know that we make no bones about being massive fans of the Scandinavian style kings at Norse Projects. We dig nearly everything that they churn out. It’s great, affordable, understated clobber and their new winter collection, smartly photographed and put into some great outfits in this lookbook, lives up to their own very high standards. The chaps at Norse have upped their focus on technical features with some great results. This year’s winter collection sees the Elka collaboration expand, another collaboration with Britain’s very own Oi Polloi and some great jackets, shirts, jumpers and headwear. Top stuff.

    More photos at Norse Projects.

  • September 20, 2011 2:19 pm

    Proper #11


    It’s back. After a slightly longer than first hoped hiatus, the good people behind Proper Magazine are back with a bang in issue eleven. Their tenth issue saw the Proper become a ‘proper’ magazine with drastically improved print quality and double the content of any of the previous issues. It was a big step and one which resulted in easily the best issue yet. Luckily for us readers, it looks like number eleven might be even better.

    All of the fanzine style humour that made the magazine great in the first place has been retained. There’s articles on all sorts: from French cartoons and Norwegian scran to the twenty albums that you must own but have slipped under the radar thus far. All this supplements the main event - which is some of the best writing on clothes that you’re likely to find. Interviews are aplenty. Our Legacy, Svensson and Velour – some of the best Scandinavian labels out there – are all profiled. Tokihito Yoshida, the man who has leant his name to the ace collaborations with Barbour, is interviewed on a fly fishing trip while there are also features with 6876, Heritage Research and Vera. All of this is rounded off with a look inside the factories of moccasin men Native Craftworks as well as a competition with a prize that all clothes enthusiasts dream of.

    Proper #11 will be available for pre-order this week from the Proper Mag website and will also be stocked by some of the finer clothing establishments across the country. If you’ve got any sense about you then you’ll make sure you don’t miss out.

  • August 1, 2011 9:02 pm

    A Look at Edwin.


    The Japanese denim heads over at Edwin have released their lookbook for their upcoming Autumn (or Fall if you’re a Yank/sad bastard) and Winter collection. Edwin is celebrating its 50th birthday this year and the winter collection reflects upon this by taking on a military theme inspired by the looks of America’s post-World War II servicemen. Although most obviously known for their great denim, Edwin is also a good bet if you’re wardrobe is in need of some workwear staples. More photos at mashKULTURE.